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15 Sep Getting Married in Lanzarote

Have you ever promised your love the moon?  Well now you can make good on your promise with a wedding set in the lunar-like landscape of Lanzarote.  I have liked in Lanzarote for 8 years and fell in love with the island in 8 minutes.  If you have chosen Lanzarote as your destination, or considering it an option, there are definitely some things to consider.  Having been part of the wedding world here, for many years, the experience and knowledge that is gained is priceless. Marrying abroad really is a completely different animal to marrying at home, and marrying in Lanzarote is very different to marrying in mainland Spain.

Regardless of location, the very first thing to consider is always the venue.  So this blog will be aimed at exactly that – STEP ONE.

The Venue

The venue is without a doubt the most important element to your wedding for many reasons.  From the window of the wedding bubble, the venue forms the roots for your memories to be grounded in for eternity.  It will be the place you create the realisation of your dream wedding. The location you may visit time and time again to relive or celebrate your union.

From a more practical viewpoint, it will be the most costly element of your wedding.  There are many types of wedding venues, restaurants, villas, bodegas, touristic centres, hotels, which are all then a mix of either rustic, old, modern, chic, comfortable, luxurious, large or small.  Each one then comes with a load of implication or pros and cons.  It will be the role of the wedding planner to discuss this with you.  In this blog, I will run through some of my top general tips for everyone to consider.

Tip No 1.  Come Visit Before you Book Anything

The first bit of advice I would give anyone, is, if at all possible, do come to the island and visit before confirming your wedding.  Why do I suggest this?  Because Lanzarote has a truely unique landscape and feel. And although 75% of people email me looking for a beach wedding, the island has so so much more to offer.  Like anything, looking at pictures never does a venue justice, it is just so difficult to capture the views, charm and feel of a space.  When I take clients on viewing trips, they just know as soon as they walk into the venue that is right for them.  It is simply a feeling, and in most cases it is instantaneous.

Tip No 2.  Wedding Size, and Kids

One of the first things you should tell your wedding planner is your wedding party size.  This is crucial to them delivering suggestions that are practical and the most appropriate.  There is no point in considering large 5 star hotels or venues that cater for 200 when you have 20!.  The venue needs to fit your group and event comfortably.  If there are loads of kids you also have to think of safety.  I would always recommend if you do have a sea side or poolside wedding that you nominate certain people (non drinkers) to be on guard for the kids for the duration of the event.  At some venues there is just no way of securing the guests from the sea or pools.

Tip No 3.  Time of the Year

Another key fact to present to your wedding planner is the time of the year that you plan to marry.  Lanzarote is well known for its subtropical temperatures, low rainfall and endless sunshine year round, but the island is also famous for its micro climates and distinct seasonal characteristic.  During the summer months of June, July and August the north-easterly trade winds are at their most consistent.  These winds aid in moderating the temperatures for an island on a level with the Sahara. Contrastingly, the winds can sometimes change direction and, instead of coming in from the north east, come in directly from the east. When this occurs, they cross over the Sahara Desert first, bringing with them scorching temperatures and low visibility, caused by a high quantity of sand and dust in the air. This is known locally as a ‘calima’ and, although it can happen at any time of year, it most often occurs when one season is merging into the next.  As for Rain well, yes we do get rain.  Jan, Feb and Nov are risky! and if you want a christmas or New Years wedding well again there will be a risk.  So if you are tied to a certain month or time of the year it is the job of the wedding planner to elaborate on the potential risks and perhaps have a plan B if the venue is totally outdoors.

Tip No 4.  Exclusivity and Hire

The issue of exclusivity arises in venues that trade on a daily basis.   You will be required to pay an exclusivity fee if you wish to have that venue all for yourself as you will be denying them of their normal business. Restaurant normally operate on this basis. This should not be a factor if your wedding budget exceeds their normal daily trade, but this would be up to the super negotiation skills of your planner to recognise based on experience and island knowledge. If for instance you are considering a small boutique hotel, it would be a requirement that you book the hotel and its rooms.  Some venues then have simple hire charges as they operate solely as an event space.  Most Bodegas and Private Villas would operate on this basis.  An important cost implication based on hiring an event space is that you will in most cases need to also hire caterers, kitchens, tables, chairs and all crockery, cutlery.  These wedding are stunning and set in beautiful courtyards or on the grounds of the bodega, villa but they do present a very important cost implication to be aware of. Hotels on the other hand generally ask for no exclusivity or hire, or ask a very negligible fee.  These spaces are set up with reception rooms, dedicated areas, staff, kitchens, furniture and accessories aimed at events.  It is a business stream for them outside of their normal hotel operation so are happy to oblige.

We are professionals in planning weddings in Lanzarote, Spain, our planning service includes an extensive venue search and viewing trip!  Knowledge is power.

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