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Intimate Private Charter


April 17, 2017

Beach, Elope, Photography, Weddings, Weddings to Envy
Beach Wedding, Lanzarote Wedding, Private Charter Wedding, Small Events, Weddings to Envy
About This Project

Karen and Andrew have been together for 14 years and have three stunning kids.  The request was for a really intimate and private celebration for the family to enjoy together.  So it was a Private Chartered Catamaran, Moet champagne, wine, beers, local cheeses, meats and loads of smiles for this family whilst they sailed the beautiful coastline of Lanzarote. The Celebration took place on deck and included a lovely sand ceremony including all members of the family. We even got to re-inact the famous titanic love scene. The charter is a lovely idea for any small group, family or intimate event.